UNINHABITABLE EAARTHINESS: it’s already too late!

August 21, 2017

EcoPsychology NOW!


Presumably, within a week, over 2 million of us read the NY Magazine article by David Wallace-Wells entitled “The Uninhabitable Earth: Famine, economic collapse, a sun that cooks us: What climate change you wreak – sooner than you think,” an important attempt to wake people the fuck up to the urgency and existential seriousness of the disasteroid our species is hurling at planet Earth. Now, you might think that 2 million people reading ANY article that tries to paint a realistic picture of the dystopian movie we are in the process of producing for other species and our own progeny – that is, for all life on Earth – would be a cause for sober celebration. Curiously, however, the immediate response from the scientific community, which itself has already been forced out of its ivory towers into the public square by the criminal negligence of politicians, was tantamount to “OH…

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Norwegian Forests and Gardens Filled With Delicious Berries

August 9, 2016

Cloudberries (Norwegian: Multe) – The Forest Gold. (Photo: Arnstein Rønning / Wikimedia Commons) Right now, you can pick many different and tasty berries in forests and gardens throughout No…

Source: Norwegian Forests and Gardens Filled With Delicious Berries

A Disgraceful Decision by Natural England

August 3, 2016


Source: A Disgraceful Decision by Natural England

Regeneration at The Chimériades – a Game of HeroQuest Glorantha

May 11, 2016

A nice little synopsis of a hero quest game.

The Slothful Apprentice

Last weekend, I attended the Chimériades for the 2nd time, a gaming holiday set in a Provençal castle at a two-and-a-half-hour drive from my place. An exceptional convention with a bit of an intimate touch, and always full of awesome guests of honour, like Jeff Richard and Ken Rolston this year.

The Chimériades are organized every other year, and two years ago, I discovered the world of Glorantha there. I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice to say that since then, I’ve tried to make my way into this world, managed to run some games, and even had a few people discover Glorantha as well.

So, for this 5th iteration of the Chimériades, I found it natural to give back what was given to me there, two years before, meaning I strongly felt like running a game of HeroQuest Glorantha. Besides, this convention was also going…

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Joys wood Birmingham

January 14, 2016

I have recently started to volunteer at joys wood and Mosley Bog a play area of old JRR Tolkien.  It is just one day a week but it is very enjoyable. Having a level 3 in countryside conservation  and a level 2 in horticulture i even know why we are doing what we are. Mainly scalloping the edges of the meadows and coppicing the hazel, silver Birch and willow. We also laid waste to the bramble and Gilder rose which has a habit of swamping out everything else if you allow it to, it will soon come back in any case LOL .In spring we will be planting out woodland flowers in the newly opened up areas.

Working from 10.30 till about 3.30  for any amount of time you want to is enjoyable and tiring. I like to adjure to the local pub for a warm up and a pint before the long bus journey home on the 11 Bus. Its great you should try it sometime. relaxing and at the end of the day you can see what you have done and that it will help the wildlife of the area.

Just a note really i have been attending courses at the study centre in the Botanical gardens that do city and gild courses in Horticulture and conservation as well as some other courses in related areas.

The level one Horticulture is at its very simplest a six week course but i was able to double it up so doing a 12 week course and gaining a higher qualification. It is very hands on practical experience and is ideal for the beginner gardener.

The level 2 Horticulture is more a mix of practical gardening and plant biology and takes a year to do.

Both these courses can be done while signing on as they are geared to the unemployed as much as the  full time student the level 3 courses can be argued to be able to be done while unemployed or not depending on the view taken.

The level 3 course i took was in countryside conservation as i really did not feel i wanted to know more about the science of Horticulture liking as i do the wilder side of  this green a pleasant land. the Horticulture is not wasted but i wanted to learn more about what made nature tick and i think i have begun to find out.

The story of the Voles, the ditch and the Prime Minister

January 14, 2016

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Water_Vole_on_Boot_Hill_(5592665124)Those of us who believe that nature is important and that in order for nature to be better protected from the activities of people the best approach is to gather evidence, scientific evidence, analyse it, and present it to those in power, should heed this story.

Yesterday the Prime Minister attended the Liaison Committee, where he was questioned on a wide range of issues. The Liaison Committee comprises all the chairs of the Parliamentary Select Committees. So Neil Parish, new chair of the EFRA committee, and Devon farmer, was there, as was Labour’s Huw Irranca-Davies, new chair of the Environmental Audit Committee. You can watch the piece here from 17:22.

It was good to see Huw I-D give Cameron a hard time over the cuts in subsidies for renewable energy, though Cameron is an accomplished PR man and had the figures to hand, which he deployed. It’s a pity…

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Dartmoor Chillout

December 28, 2015

This is really nice. very relaxing


Make a cup of tea, sit down for five minutes and watch my slideshow of Dartmoor with music by Harold Budd and John Foxx ☺️

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Butterfly sunning itself

September 9, 2015

DSCN4139This picture is a few years old taken at dunster beach in Somerset.

Micro-Grod-Pod – A Potted History of Runequest

September 9, 2015


This is a supplement to the First Episode of The GRODNARD Files – Runequest.

I give a potted history of the game, from it’s origins to the present day.

There’s also a selection from the post-bag, featuring the responses from the listeners of the first episode – and their opinion about ducks.

Download Episode 1.1

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In the beginning

March 12, 2013

Well now my first post on hopefully a new career as a gardener.I am just about to finish my level 1 course in Horticulture so i can with confidence look for work in this area.